Illuvium is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) making AAA video game titles on the Ethereum blockchain. Merging cryptocurrency with online gaming, Illuvium will bring to market new game franchises that will feature addictive gameplay, immersive graphic worlds, and dynamic NFT assets with unique collectibility and utility. Currently, we are seeking a detail-orientated, organized individual to become our latest Paid Ads Campaign Manager for various social media platforms, such as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

SEO. Ads. A|B tests. Budget allocations. Campaigns. Metrics. If this is your world, and you want to run the advertising at a startup crypto-gaming studio, we are looking for you. We need an enthusiastic, brilliant, full-time Digital Advertising Campaign Manager. They should be a true paid-advertising expert—an analytical data lover—who’ll obsessively track ad performance in order to constantly tweak campaigns and refine strategy!

In this role, you will be given leadership, and the ability to guide our department. You are in charge of closely monitoring the ad campaigns, in order to immediately course correct and reallocate adspend after a reasonable testing period. Your daily reports, campaign build and management, expert analysis of emerging trends across paid advertising channels will be essential to us.

You will have colleagues, and work with a growing marketing shop that will help you with content creation so that your role is all advertising infrastructure and implementation. You will also be able to inquire with our legal advisors, to ensure all our efforts meet regulatory requirements on different platforms.

In order for you to succeed as our Digital Advertising Manager, you need to be a proactive, quick worker who can keep up with the fast paced work environment. The role is entirely virtual, and you will enjoy the responsibilities and the perks of being an autonomous, self-directed, key departmental role.

Key responsibilities

  • Strategize and plan getting a crypto-gaming project certified, registered, and verified in Google Adwords and Facebook Business Center
  • Build, setup, and launch successful social media ad campaigns
  • Implement A|B testing strategies and optimize keyword strategy
  • Provide daily reports on all campaigns to keep the team updated with the latest changes
  • Manage bidding strategies to ensure we stay on track with the campaign budget
  • Offer expert insight, ideas, and suggestions on best practices for ad campaign management
  • Optimize Google SEO and understand SEO best practices
  • Discover and setup a Customer Relationship Management tool
  • Fix and troubleshoot issues that may arise
  • Setup and install pixel tracking

Must haves:

  • 3+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Experience with running successful ad campaigns using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other major platforms (be able to provide examples of previous work that demonstrates clear return on investment)
  • Insight into adhering closely to changing Terms of Service for ads in Google and Facebook, to avoid account shutdowns
  • In-depth knowledge on how to utilize key reporting metrics (CTR, CPC, views, etc) to determine campaign success
  • Experience with using analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Effectively communicate with the marketing team, in order to stay aligned with strategic social media advertising efforts
  • Needs to be a creative strategist who is always learning the latest and novel methods for running effective ad campaigns

This job would be ideal for you – if you have:

  • Experience in, or the ability to create plans for, running paid advertising campaigns for the new, uncharted business territory of cryptocurrency projects
  • Experience in marketing and advertising trends for multiple markets around the globe, with a focus on at least one of these areas: Australia, U.S.A., U.K., and Europe. Note: U.S.A. experience, please apply
  • Experience in cryptocurrency, dapps, and the Ethereum blockchain
  • An understanding and genuine interest of online gaming and RPGs
  • Familiarity with NFTs and the current market
  • Live in the PST time zone, the EST time zone, or the AEDT/AEST time zone