Are you a senior, experienced, solid developer who loves writing, speaking and teaching other developers about the technology while taking a meaningful role in shaping the experience they have with the platform itself?

Developers + Community is a big part of our focus for 2021. As the Community Developer Lead, you will be owning all the developer activation initiatives at NEAR and with our partners, end-to-end.

Your mission is to ensure a great experience for every stakeholder- for developers, this means having resources, engagement activities during and following up post the hackathon events. For contributors, this means getting a clear understanding of what’s expected from them and making it worthwhile for them. For partners, this is about ensuring they get visibility and great projects working with them. For engineers, it’s getting a clear understanding of their involvement and time schedules. For the larger NEAR ecosystem, it is getting to know the impact of these initiatives.

You will have access to significant financial and human resources to help you create the best experiences for our community. In addition to a generous budget you will also have the support of a dedicated devrel team along with Community, Education and Marketing teams to support your initiatives. This is a senior and it is one part developers relationship, one part community and one part operations with a bit of magic sprinkled on top 🤩.

Practically speaking, this means that you will wear multiple hats. As our core protocol continues to further develop, you will be a key interface with the early adopter community to make sure they will have an easy onboarding and a great experience on the platform. You’ll need to be proficient with Rust language, seek opportunities to enhance developer tools, develop demos/tutorials and otherwise do pretty much whatever it takes to facilitate the onboarding experience and ensure developers get to understand the full benefits of the platform.

Going forward, you will be a visible presence representing NEAR in communities around the world by working directly with our events and community teams. This means everything from speaking to hosting workshops to supporting developers at events. You are the voice of the community to our internal team as well, helping to inform the development and education roadmaps.

This high visibility role that will allow you to build real software and also take a public-facing role representing the platform to developer communities and working very closely with our DevRel Ecosystem team. 

Key Outcomes

  • Set up processes and own the developer activation initiatives that we run at NEAR including Community organised hackathons.
  • Empower community members & guilds with toolkits and resources to run their own developer activation events around the world.
  • Set up processes for everything from pre, during and post event for a hackathon by collaborating with various teams.
  • Work with the community DevRel and Education team to produce resources to help developers.
  • Establish partnerships with organizations around the world to run developer activation campaigns and hackathons at scale.
  • Come up with strategy for developer engagement initiatives.
  • Setup metrics and criteria for measuring success and/or failure of community activations like hackathons, early stage incubators etc.

Key Requirements

As NEAR’s Developer Advocate Lead, you will be responsible for the entire developer activation function within the community.

  • 6+ years in a developer community building role.
  • A strong track record of running successful global remote and offline developer engagement initiatives..
  • Experience building or working with(in) a great devrel team.
  • Experience managing large budgets dedicated to developer engagement initiatives & hackathons
  • A clear passion for engaging and building developer communities.
  • Strongly follows a data and impact driven approach.

About NEAR and the NEAR Collective

NEAR’s mission is to enable community-driven innovation to benefit people around the world. The NEAR platform provides a decentralized application platform that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people, putting the power of Open Finance and the Open Web in their hands.

The NEAR Platform, NEAR Protocol and associated tooling are being built by the NEAR Collective, a collection of the best engineers in the world who work across teams, companies and countries similar to other large scale open source projects. Core contributors include a couple of 2-time ICPC world champions, 2 gold medalists, a Latin American champion and multiple other competitive programming finalists.

Working at NEAR

Roles are posted to this portal on behalf of the companies that make up the NEAR Collective and are typically located anywhere in the world because most of the companies are fully remote. Some hubs are located in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, the US and China. Regardless of where you work, this is a high performance culture that values ownership, execution and professionalism but pairs it with curiosity and experimentation. The vision is big but the right team is behind it.