Mysten Labs believes that decentralized and open protocols are the bedrock of the internet of value. This is why at Mysten Labs, we are creating foundational infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of decentralized protocols based on blockchain technologies.


  • Design and implement safe, secure and performant decentralization platform. Perform system design and implementation of back-end architecture. Build, design and implement software features and distributed systems.
  • Utilize core expertise in designing systems and data securing and analysis technology.
  • Develop synchronous fault-tolerant algorithms and asynchronous networking, safe distributed systems including byzantine and crash-tolerant, to ensure against component failure.
  • Ensure the software involves distributed storage, and high-performance execution runtimes for virtual machines.
  • Work closely with programming language technologies experts to ensure execution engines run correctly and efficiently.
  • Work with product engineers to ensure the platforms support the transactions and operations required by users.
  • Develop, run and monitor software system testing and validation programming.
  • Monitor the functioning of equipment to ensure the software operates in conformance with specifications. Utilize the following programs: Python/Django, Database & SQL query, API Query Language(e.g., GraphQL), Javascript/React and iOS/Objective C.
  • Telecommuting permitted.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Masterโ€™s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field, plus
  • 2 years of experience in the job offered, or in a related occupation.
  • Requires education, training, or experience in the following skills: Python/Django; Database & SQL query; API Query Language (e.g., GraphQL); Javascript/React; iOS/Objective C.

Salary: two hundred thousand dollars per year.