At Phantom, security is core to the product and the reason why millions of people trust Phantom to securely store their crypto assets. As a Head of Security you will be leading our security team, making decisions that affects everything from how we work, to how our users access their private keys. Join us on our mission to make the digital economy safe and easy to use for everyone.

This role is fully remote; however, we’re only open to candidates based in US and EU time zones.


  • Security Vision: Set the strategic vision for Phantom’s security organization and oversee all corporate and IT security. Expand Phantom’s security initiatives around threat modeling, monitoring, response to threats, security architecture and SDLC.
  • Team Building: Help scale, hire, manage and retain top technical, security talent.
  • Set the Culture: Develop company-wide security policies and processes, cross-functionally working with the founders and other engineering leaders to ensure our team and product are secure.
  • Impact the Product: Have input on product and engineering decisions that affect millions of users and billions of dollar’s worth of crypto assets. Help push the boundaries of what self-custody means in web3.
  • Impact the Industry: Work with other security leaders across the industry, from our investors (a16z, Paradigm), allied companies (blockchain projects, other wallets) and security partners (Halborn, Trail of Bits). Help define what Trust & Safety means in web3.


  • 7+ years full-time security software engineering experience.
  • 3+ years full-time engineering management or director experience.
  • Experience with application security, mobile security, network security, SDLC security, threat modeling, secure coding, authentication and cryptography.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills. You should be able to guide others on the team through security practices and exercises.
  • Blockchain experience is desirable, but not a prerequisite.

Why Work with Us


We are a team of experienced builders with a ton of traction in a big and growing market – our users are so passionate they were hacking their way into our private beta. Only months after launching we’ve acquired millions of users, and are adding hundreds of thousands every week. We are by far the leading wallet on Solana, and plan to expand to other chains soon.

On top of that, there has never been a better time to work in crypto and on wallets in particular.

  • Wallets play a pivotal role: Wallets are responsible for on-boarding new users into crypto, and can make or break the user experience.
  • We are moving to a multi-chain world: New blockchains and scaling solutions are coming online and gaining traction, but are lacking decent wallets and bridges.
  • DeFi & NFTs are exploding : Interest in DeFi and NFTs has exploded, yet they are still an after-thought in existing wallets.


  • Competitive salary and equity.
  • Comprehensive insurance (medical/dental/vision) — 100% covered.
  • Stipend for your ideal remote / WFH set-up: laptop, headphones, and any other work gear you may need.
  • Flexible hours and a long-standing, supportive remote environment.
  • Monthly co-working space and mobile phone expense.
  • Unlimited vacation: Take time when you need it (and we really mean it).
  • 401(k) retirement plan (although we are not matching at this time)
  • Wellness benefit
  • Daily lunch benefit