The Solana Foundation is dedicated to the adoption, decentralization, and security of the Solana network. Our mission is to help support and grow the Solana network and its community while driving mass adoption for blockchain. The Solana Foundation is working to realize a world where individuals own their data, use permissionless networks, and transfer information freely around the world.

Who We Are:

The Solana Foundation works to support the development of the Solana blockchain ecosystem, empowering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by furthering the adoption of Solana. The team is passionate about accelerating the world’s transition to decentralized networks and open markets. With that vision, the Communications team at Solana Foundation has a much broader purview than most other Comms teams. Communications in web3 is radically different from other types of organizations, and the Solana Foundation Communications team reflects this across its strategies and initiatives.

About the Role:

We are looking for a leader to join our team and help continue our mission. We are looking for passionate strategists who balance the ability to run key communications programs needed in establishing emerging markets while also pushing proactively thinking differently about comms to create new campaigns or activities that fit the opportunities presented in the web3 ecosystem. We find building out comms and marketing strategies for this new frontier extremely exciting and hope to add teammates who are similarly inspired by web3.


There are four main pillars the Head of Communications will be responsible for:

  1. Strategic Planning: Solana Foundation’s comms is about telling the Solana story while also building the opportunities and understanding of web3 across audiences by telling the opportunities that exist within crypto and block chain technologies, leading the market with thought-leadership and prediction pieces, building narratives and messaging to spans across different web3 audiences and creating new programs with cross-functional teams that positions Solana as well as its ecosystem around public policy comms, content, thought-leadership and more.
  2. Organizational Initiatives: You will work on Foundation initiatives in their early stages alongside Product and Engineering, bringing the voice of not only how the initiative will be seen, but also how it should be communicated to its core audience. You will own both internal and external communications about the state of key initiatives, and ensure the interests of the Foundation and Solana community are represented throughout that process.
  3. State of the Network: You will be responsible for developing scalable communications strategies, in close collaboration with Marketing, Community, and Policy, that further the external understanding and perception of the Solana network on key metrics such as decentralization, adoption, use cases, energy consumption, and other network-wide characteristics. Your ultimate stakeholder is the success of the network and its community.
  4. Ecosystem Projects: Roughly 30% of the Communication teams’ time is spent supporting the launches, announcements, and key developments of teams building on the Solana blockchain. This is some of the most important work the team undertakes, and the Head of Communications will need to manage a variety of initiatives with a diverse and sometimes competing group of stakeholders.

The most successful candidates will have T-shaped responsibilities at Solana Foundation, expected to go deep on several verticals and topics, while also working broadly across messaging and positioning of the organization. You will, over time, gain a fairly comprehensive technical understanding of how the network works, and why ideas like decentralization, composability, and open source development matter.