At Decentraland, we are making sure the virtual world of the future is decentralized, open like the Web, and free of control by any single company or organization. To accomplish this, we’re building a suite of supporting tools and applications designed to help people create 3D immersive content, games, and applications. All of this is hosted and accessed on a fully decentralized platform. Our work touches web decentralized apps development, game design, cryptocurrencies, 3D art, decentralized server applications and networks, and, eventually, new experiences like immersive VR.

Our team is dedicated to pushing the limits of what can be done in each of these areas. Work happens quickly at Decentraland: we iterate frequently and are always chasing new problems to solve. Like the tools we build, our team is distributed and transparent. Our contributors are spread around the globe – all we require is a commitment to quality, creativity and flexibility.

One key piece of our project is the Explorer, the main client we provide to explore the decentralized world created by our community. The Explorer client allows anyone to enter the world and explore it, experiencing all the virtual content created by many different people like games, convention centers, companies’ headquarters, museums, art galleries, and much more.

Check it out at: http://play.decentraland.org/

The Product

Decentraland is the world’s first fully decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world, built, governed, and owned by its users. It’s a truly unique ecosystem with its own decentralized autonomous organization, currency, marketplace, and system of property – and it’s growing fast! New creations are added daily by creators who use proprietary developer tools to make games, puzzles, scenes, artworks – whatever their imaginations allow. Via their personal avatars, users attend live music events, conferences, exhibitions, dance parties, and other experiences every day of the year. What began as a proof-of-concept for assigning ownership of digital real estate to users of a blockchain is now an immersive, ever-expanding, and richly detailed metaverse, where anything is possible.

The Challenge

We want to take our platform to the next level, making it best-of-breed among game apps and virtual social worlds. We are currently looking for a distinguished leader to drive the execution of Decentraland’s vision, strategy, and day-to-day operations. We expect that you have a deep-rooted passion for social games & open platforms while having an impressive track record for leading Operations in a fast-paced, ever-learning, creative-minded environment. In your role, you would be championing cross-functional relationships with teams to execute Decentraland’s exciting growth strategy via day-to-day operations:

  • Develop and follow KPIs to accurately measure the performance of the business, provide reports with in-depth analysis on the status of the business operations.
  • Foster and act as a role model for a growth mindset, high-performance, value-based culture, and working environment within the operational management team and the whole company.
  • Collaborate and act as a strategic partner to the leadership team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure to accommodate the growth objectives of our organization.
  • Oversee operational policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate with our CEO & CFO on five- and ten-year plans for corporate growth and decentralisation evolution.
  • Develop metrics and KPIs in conjunction with our CTO & CPO to measure the success of product delivery and identify areas for improvement.
  • Drive scalable processes and innovation around the product/eng development cycle.
  • Collaborate across teams to define and communicate product, marketing, and technical strategies with internal stakeholders and adjust priorities according to feedback.

The Requirements

  • Strong experience and excellent skills in managing and leading diverse cross-functional teams.
  • Deep knowledge of the game industry and a passion for games in all forms, with a focus on the Creator’s Economy / Metaverse world.
  • Proven game production experience, sharp business sense, and deep product knowledge, ability to see the big picture in all areas of game development.
  • Extensive experience managing profit and loss, budgeting process, and large daily revenue numbers.
  • 10+ years of line management experience in relevant fields.
  • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving in the fast-paced environment.
  • Sharing our core values: create with passion, care about the future, done is better than perfect, own it, enjoy the ride.


  • Fully remote team with flexible working hours.
  • 29 vacation days per year
  • Long term incentive of MANA tokens, vested in a 5 years period.
  • Additional tokens linked to performance reviews every semester.
  • Stipend policy to cover work-related expenses
  • Stipend policy for English or Spanish lessons
  • Brand new equipment for remote work, including laptop, screen and chair.