The HUMAN Protocol Foundation is leading the growth and development of an ecosystem around the most used blockchain technology in the world — HUMAN Protocol.   Today, HUMAN interacts with hundreds of millions of people across 274 countries and territories worldwide. Applications built on HUMAN technology already serve more than 15% of global internet traffic, protecting many familiar websites and brands from bot-nets while simultaneously contributing millions of data points that help refine machine learning algorithms.   While HUMAN already supports the world’s largest decentralized workforce, the Foundation’s ambitions are much larger — HUMAN wants to provide the infrastructure and tools to power an autonomous, distributed gig-economy to address some of the biggest challenges in AI and ML today. This includes biased data sets, ineffective algorithms, and ultimately, problematic user experiences across business and consumer-facing platforms, products and services.   The HUMAN Protocol Foundation cares deeply about its mission and believes that this type of technology is essential to improving the quality of HUMAN and AI interactions in the digital economy. In the near future, HUMAN plans to introduce new interfaces and applications that can be added to its protocol in a plug-and-play fashion, allowing anyone to launch jobs and get tasks done, safely, through the HUMAN network.   As the Foundation builds toward its mission, it is looking to hire Community Leads who can join the team and support the next phase of growth.

All Community Leads must have native or a high level of written English competency, as well as a native secondary language (mother tongue).

As a Community Lead, you will be primarily responsible for protecting our community by providing a first line of defense against scammers and spammers in our main English social channels. You will also educate the public about the HUMAN Protocol by answering questions, and steering new community members to the most relevant places in our ecosystem.

You will nurture a friendly and vibrant space while at the same time contributing to the expansion and growth of our global community. As we scale up, you will contribute to build and lead a team of Community Managers to expand our mission into your local geographical region.


  • Moderate and administer social platforms in a friendly and engaging manner
  • Identify and attract key people to become Ambassadors for HUMAN Protocol
  • Assist the community in online and offline events, like meetups, hackathons, summits and conferences.
  • Light, yet constant translations to localize our social media postings into your native tongue
  • Own efforts to expand into your geographic area, with help of our Marketing Department
  • Contribute to report on effectiveness of Marketing initiatives by tracking KPI’s, and providing insight to better develop future initiatives
  • Contribute to internal cross-team projects
  • Curious and informed about industry and community trends, reporting back to the HUMAN team as business intelligence


  • Previous experience as a Community Manager or Community Lead
  • Excellent English language skills, and a second language (mother tongue)
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Solid understanding of blockchain and related terminologies
  • Emotional intelligence, patience and composure
  • Familiarity with crypto communities and platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Reddit and others
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask