Reserve has an open remote full-time position for an individual passionate about helping people and creating content for social media.

We are looking for high performers to join our Community Guild, something like Messi or Adele but in community management.

What’s community management for us?

  • Listen to the community and distill insights.
  • Someone who can see problems in the community and help them to solve their issues.
  • Be creative to create content.
  • Always open to engaging with people.

The work

  • Manage communities in WhatsApp or Twitter.
  • Promote conversations with people.
  • Guide users to solve problems they have in the app.

About Reserve

Our mission is to provide every person in the world access to stable currency, in order to avert the intense humanitarian hardship that comes from hyperinflation. We are working to rebuild financial services in societies that are traumatized and stressed by decades of wealth destruction from high inflation and ongoing currency devaluation.

Today Reserve offers the opportunity to save, spend, and receive money through the Reserve app and a stable currency, the Reserve Dollar (RSV), which is a cryptocurrency that maintains 1-to-1 parity with the US dollar.


  • Leadership capacity to solve service challenges.
  • Multitasking skills to coordinate, execute or propose solutions to service challenges.
  • Engage with users in a friendly and professional manner while actively listening to their concerns.
  • Respond to user queries in a timely and accurate way.
  • Offer support and solutions to users in accordance with the company’s user support policies.
  • Help to handle user public complaints.
  • Follow up with users to ensure their issues are solved.
  • Detect and report product malfunctions according to feedback.
  • Assist in training new team members.

You are a good fit for us if you

  • Are fluent in Spanish and comfortable speaking English.
  • Are a fast and independent problem solver.
  • Shine for your attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Are highly self-motivated and able to effectively communicate virtually with not only the users but also your team and manager.
  • Enjoy interacting with people and working on group projects.
  • Are adaptable and flexible: enjoy doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction.
  • Are achievement-oriented: enjoy taking on challenges, even if you might fail.
  • Remain calm and responsive in stressful situations, especially digital crises.
  • You are a fast, eager, and self-directed learner.
  • You are willing to give and receive feedback frequently.

In summary

  • Location: anywhere
  • Seniority: We need an entry to medium level professional in Communications/ Human Attention.
  • Compensation: competitive salary in line with regional international standards for a similar position.
  • Stability: our long runway offers high job security.
  • Purpose: Reserve helps people beat hyperinflation, and aims to eradicate it entirely
  • Language: Spanish native / bilingual proficiency and English professional working proficiency