What youโ€™ll do
1. Set goals and plans for the community, be responsible for user communities building and managing (including WeChat groups, QQ groups, etc.) as well as activity planning and execution;
2. Familiar with various domestic and overseas communities such as SNS, BBS, blogs, and other platforms. Good at creating a community atmosphere and grasping the needs of users at all levels of the community. Good skills in how to attract and develop users;
3. Responsible for community ecological exchange atmosphere maintenance and content construction, formulate and implement a community user activity plan according to user profile and analysis;
4. Establish a benign relationship between users for the community, keep real-time communication with users through the integration of information, and maintain the activeness of the community, especially the mining and interaction of core users;
5. Regularly mine, collect, sort out and analyze user feedback, summarize and improve requirements, and provide effective recommendations for products and operations;
6. Establish collaboration with external teams to promote the overall operation of the community.

Who weโ€™re looking for
1. BA or above with 3 years of experience in Internet operation, English CET 6 or above, bitcoin or financial related experience and community operation success cases preferred;
2. Strong execution, strong language skills, and community planning ability to grasp the overall operational strategy of the community;
3. Results, data, efficiency driven, with strong output awareness;
4. Adaptive to strong work pressure and the rapid development of business;
5. Excellent teamwork spirit, professionalism, and good communication skills.
6. Acceptance of overseas office locations such as Singapore and Hong Kong are preferred.