What you’ll do
Attention: 7*24 shift
1. Use online instant chat software to communicate with users in a timely manner to understand the needs of users and handle user-related consultations and network failure complaints;
2. Respond to the user within the valid time limit by email, respond accordingly to the user’s needs and express active care greetings;
3. Solve customer problems by phone or other software, accurately answer customer questions, and handle customer complaints in real time;
4. Accurately enter and summarize customer problems and promote technical departments to track and resolve;
5. Service tracking, customer care, and customer satisfaction.

Who we’re looking for
1. College degree or above, English 6 level, strongly written expression in English, fluent in oral expression;
2. Quick thinking, quick response, and service awareness;
3. Good professional ethics, good learning ability, customer service awareness, and teamwork spirit;
4. Positive, full of passion, strong ability to withstand pressure, can adapt to night shift arrangements;
5. English majors and communication-related work experience preferred.