Do you read the whole assembly manual before you start putting together the Ikea furniture? Are you the type of person who has jumper cables in your car, even though you’ve never had to use them? Are you the ‘reliable one’ in your group of friends? Do you empty the dishwasher, even if it is not your turn?

LVL aims to make users feel good again about where they keep their money. We’re looking for empathetic problem solvers who can help our members navigate the confusing world of finance, with a fix it twice mentality. What’s fix it twice? It means, let’s solve the problem now, and then let’s solve the *real* problem, so it doesn’t happen again. At Level, we want people who can help the customer now, but are also contributing team members that help us build Level into a service that delights it’s members.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. We’re an engineering driven fintech startup, and have plans to offer 24/7 human support. Those with flexible or alternative schedules are encouraged to apply. Also open to superstars who may be looking for part time. Coding academy grads with customer service backgrounds welcome.

Now for the details. On the day to day, you’ll be:

  • Answering emails, chats, and eventually phone calls
  • Writing support articles for the site
  • Writing support workflows
  • Staying up to date with the product
  • Understanding members’ problems, finding and communicating solutions
  • Solving bugs, and escalating bugs to the engineers when needed
  • Collecting feedback and feature requests

Bonus points if you have the following:

  • Experience with a customer support ticketing / live chat system (Zendesk / Helpscout, etc)
  • Experience with a CRM
  • Accounting or banking experience
  • Social media management experience
  • Website design (HTML/CSS)


We office out of Capital Factory, near 7th and San Jacinto. Super cool space, free snacks. This will be a mostly work from office position with flexibility on some remote working as we grow.

About us

We’re a team of passionate nerds who are out to change the way customers are treated by financial institutions by flipping fee structures upside down. We’re bringing the subscription model to finance – getting rid of all the little fees that investing firms and banks charge that make everyone feel yucky about where they keep their money. Just like how Amazon started in books, but has changed consumer purchasing, we’re going to change finance and we’re starting with a crypto exchange.

Why work with us

We’re building something new with a lofty vision, and you’ll get to directly impact if we achieve it. We are early stage, and offer competitive equity packages. Our team is small – you’ll directly impact our customer facing personality and persona.