As a member of the Product team, you will work with fellow project, program and product managers and with members of the engineering, design, marketing and legal teams to formulate and execute our business and product strategies across the various Bitfinex products and services. You will focus on our customers, the market, our competitors and the wider cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole, and collaborate with world-class engineering, marketing, legal and design teams to develop industry-leading technologies that deliver on the companies high level business goals.

As a Data Analytics Program Manager you will manage analytics and data science resources and design and deploy, from the ground up, an entire data pipeline to manage the analytics of user behavior data, with the aim of discovering valuable business insights and empowering our product, marketing, account management, customer support, finance and operations teams to make better decisions using self-service reporting products. You will have a deep understanding of business requirements, know what to look for in our data based on these business goals, and translate these needs for data scientists and engineers. Ultimately, success in this role will help our teams discover new business opportunities and maximise value across all of our business operations. Specifically you will:

  • Act as a bridge between data teams and other teammates and stakeholders across product, marketing, operations, etc teams.
  • Develop and lead our analytics capabilities to create reporting on top of our data.
  • Orchestrate the delivery of data-related improvements by partnering with data science, product, marketing, customer support, and other functions in the company.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the product team to establish prioritized roadmaps and strategies for executing with teams cross-functionally to build products that will advance the organization’s productivity through data & analysis.
  • Lead insights-driven data projects serving a variety for strategic business initiatives, stakeholder goals, and user needs.
  • Audit data sets, visualizations, dashboards, and tools end-to-end, and work directly with multiple engineering and data analytics team members to ensure we are delivering the highest quality data possible.
  • Identify opportunities and new markets for the data generated through the use of our products/services, and lead the development of new business operations and/or product developments which generate value from these opportunities and insights.


  • BA/MA degree in business, or computer science or equivalent experience.
  • Demonstrated passion for cryptocurrency and the financial markets.
  • Experience in a role that specifically focuses on managing and analysing large volumes of data. A proven track record of shipping data products and/or tools that deliver measurable results.
  • Demonstrated experience using data and analytical abilities to help solve problems and make decisions.
  • Advanced SQL skills.
  • A cursory (at a minimum) understanding of statistics, machine learning, AI algorithms, big data technologies/software such as AWS ecosystem (EMR, Spark, Redshift) and BI tools such as AWS Quicksight  or Tableau.
  • Sound experience with basic analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Matomo, and off-the-shelf product analytics such as Heap, Mixpanel, etc.
  • Extremely detail oriented with a passion for breaking down complex data and analytical problems.
  • Deep analytical, prioritization and problem solving skills, with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Ability to turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans.
  • An entrepreneurial self-starter mindset and the ability to succeed in a dynamic environment.

Additional preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as Product Management, Engineering, UX/UI, Sales, Customer Support, Finance or Marketing.
  • Experience developing financial products, technologies and platforms in the cryptocurrency space.