At Coinbase, our mission is to increase economic freedom around the world, and we couldn’t do this without hiring the best people. We’re a group of hard-working overachievers who are deeply focused on building the future of finance and Web3 for our users across the globe, whether they’re trading, storing, staking or using crypto. Know those people who always lead the group project? That’s us.

There are a few things we look for across all hires we make at Coinbase, regardless of role or team. First, we look for candidates who will thrive in a culture like ours, where we default to trust, embrace feedback, and disrupt ourselves. Second, we expect all employees to commit to our mission-focused approach to our work. Finally, we seek people who are excited to learn about and live crypto, because those are the folks who enjoy the intense moments in our sprint and recharge work culture. We’re a remote-first company looking to hire the absolute best talent all over the world.

Ready to #LiveCrypto? Who you are:

  • You’ve got positive energy. You’re optimistic about the future and determined to get there.
  • You’re never tired of learning. You want to be a pro in bleeding edge tech like DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and Web 3.0.
  • You appreciate direct communication. You’re both an active communicator and an eager listener – because let’s face it, you can’t have one without the other. You’re cool with candid feedback and see every setback as an opportunity to grow.
  • You can pivot on the fly. Crypto is constantly evolving, so our priorities do, too. What you worked on last month may not be what you work on today, and that excites you. You’re not looking for a boring job.
  • You have a “can do” attitude. Our teams create high-quality work on quick timelines. Owning a problem doesn’t scare you, but rather empowers you to take 100% responsibility for achieving our mission.
  • You want to be part of a winning team. We’re stronger together, and you’re a person who embraces being pushed out of your comfort zone.

The Data Engineering team builds reliable and trusted data sources and products to enable timely and accurate data-driven decision making across the company. We stand at the forefront of data science and business intelligence innovation. By transforming how data is discovered and consumed, we’re laying the groundwork for the future of analytics.

What we do:

  • Build and maintain a foundational data layer (data marts), that serves as the single source of truth across Coinbase.
  • Design and implement robust data pipelines, guaranteeing data quality and timely data delivery across our organization.
  • Pioneer developer tools that inject automation into data science processes, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Deliver tailored data products, designed to empower users with self-serve capabilities and ensure accurate answers to their data queries.

What you’ll be doing (ie. job duties): 

  • Design and refactor data marts to enhance data quality, discovery and exploration.
  • Build the semantic layer to ensure it effectively translates complex data from the data marts into business terms. This includes defining dimensions, measures, hierarchies, and business logic.
  • Introduce automation mechanisms to enforce data best practices and optimal design principles.
  • Develop new data pipelines and ETL processes, and enhance the efficiency of existing ones to reduce cost and improve landing times and SLAs.
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of queries, ensuring fast response times and efficient data retrieval. This may involve indexing, partitioning, and tuning the underlying data models.
  • Build systems to automate monitoring and alerting for data anomalies.
  • Build internal data products aimed at streamlining workflows, minimizing manual interventions and driving operational efficiencies.
  • Work alongside fellow data engineers and cross-functional partners from Data Science, Data Platform, Machine Learning, and various analytics teams to ensure alignment on data needs and deliverables.
  • Maintain clear and comprehensive documentation of processes to facilitate smooth team collaboration and hand-offs.

What we look for in you (ie. job requirements): 

  • Python and Advanced SQL: Must be adept at scripting in Python, particularly for data manipulation and integration tasks, and have a solid grasp of advanced SQL techniques for querying, transformation, and performance optimization.
  • Data Modeling: Understanding of best practices for data modeling, including star schemas, snowflake schemas, and data normalization techniques.
  • ETL/ELT Processes: Experience in designing, building, and optimizing ETL/ELT pipelines to process large datasets.
  • Apache Airflow: Experience in building, deploying, and optimizing DAGs in Airflow or a similar tool.
  • GitHub: Experience with version control, branching, and collaboration on GitHub.
  • Data Visualization: Knowledge of tools like Superset, Looker or Python visualization libraries (Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly…etc)
  • Collaboration and Communication: Ability to work closely with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to translate business requirements into technical solutions. Strong documentation skills for pipeline design and data flow diagrams.

Nice to haves:

  • Prompt Engineering for LLMs: Expertise in crafting, testing, and refining prompts for effective communication with LLMs, like GPT, to generate accurate and contextually relevant responses.
  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms like AWS/GCP
  • Knowledge of fundamental DevOps practices, including unit testing and repository management.


Pay Transparency Notice: Depending on your work location, the target annual salary for this position can range as detailed below. Full time offers from Coinbase also include target bonus + target equity + benefits (including medical, dental, vision and 401(k)).
Pay Range:
$140,250$165,000 USD