The primary objective of a Detection & Response Engineer is to protect BitMEX from external and internal threats. They will provide an orderly, rapid and effective response to security incidents, including but not limited to intrusions, insider threats and abuse. D&R Engineers are responsible for designing, building and implementing tools that aid in these functions.


  • Support a global on-call rotation for incident triage & response
  • Proactively Identify and respond to emerging security threats
  • Develop tools that aid in the detection, mitigation or response to security threats
  • Assist the investigations team in technical forensic investigations
  • Mentor and provide security guidance to various organizations throughout the company
  • Define and refine security response policies and processes
  • Work with internal and external partners to obtain actionable intelligence to protect the firm.

Skills, Traits & Competencies:

  • Demonstrated experience in digital forensics and incident response
  • Understanding of emerging adversary tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in forensic analysis with tools such as volatility or sleuthkit
  • Strong Amazon Web Services, and general Cloud infrastructure security skills
  • Knowledge with HIDS/NIDS tools such as osquery, or zeek (formally bro)
  • Software development skills in languages such as Python, Golang, Ruby, C, C++, or similar
  • Malware analysis & reverse engineering