We are looking for people who want to challenge the status quo, and leave their mark on the future of DeFi. As we are exploring new frontiers of blockchain technology, it becomes difficult for people to understand and use it efficiently. So, the UI/UX becomes a crucial edge for a project to be successful.

As the web developer, you will be responsible for creating a functional and aesthetic UI that will help our users leverage the underlying technology to the fullest. The DeFi space has become a stage for vibrant and innovative UI that the world has never seen before. At Ren, you have the challenge/opportunity to show off your creativity and push you towards greatness in your craft.

Key Outcomes

  • Develop and maintain a variety of front-end interface applications that directly or indirectly bolster the Ren ecosystem.
  • Rapidly implement functional UI elements from design mocks, with an eye toward performance and accessibility.
  • Ensure that components are functional, elegant, performant, and mobile-friendly.

Functional Competencies

  • Develop new user-facing products and features.
  • Translate UX/UI design wireframes with an eye for detail.
  • Write reusable and efficient code and documentation.
  • Deliver professional quality code that meets feature specifications, adheres to designs, and provides the user experience expected from all stakeholders.
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Typescript, and React.
  • Familiarity with the web3 frontend stack (ethers.js/web3.js).
  • Good knowledge of the English language, written and spoken.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Proactively take inspiration from DeFi peers and implement features to improve overall UX and functionality for the stakeholders.
  • Work with team members to identify, manage, and resolve bugs or changes to deliverables in order to ensure they are at a level of quality expected from all stakeholders.
  • Extensive organizational skills developed working on multiple projects, both supervised and unsupervised.
  • Demonstrated passion for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Perks and Benefits

💰 Competitive salary: Market salary at global pay scale adjusted for experience.

🏔 Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like.

🧘‍♀️ Flexible hours: Help you navigate around other responsibilities in life.

📈 Beyond the line: We notice and appreciate every time you over deliver through bonuses. You can choose between token allocation or monetary bonus.

💻 Home office setup: Funds to bootstrap your work from home setup!

👓 Growth fund: Invest in continuous learning and development.

⛺️ Vacation: Flexible time off for you to unwind from work.

⛱ Sabbaticals: In addition to vacation – Take a 6-week sabbatical, fully paid, after every 5 years with Ren Labs.

How to Apply | The Ren Labs Challenge

  1. Complete the Ren Labs Challenge

Convert the given Figma wireframe into a full-fledged web component using React. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your skills interacting with APIs or leveraging third-party libraries.

Figma document: https://www.figma.com/file/yy1xzMEJ5eQJeXJkHSK6bP/2110_REN_frontend-challenge?node-id=0%3A1

  1. Email your CV/LinkedIn, along with your completed Ren Labs Challenge to [email protected] with the subject line: Ren Labs HR | Join the ecosystem | “Job Title”

About Ren Labs

Ren Labs is a development studio that creates applications for the multi-chain ecosystem. Ren Labs is founded by the visionaries behind Ren and KeeperDAO, and backed by Alameda Research.