The Solana Foundation is a non-profit based in Zug, Switzerland, dedicated to the adoption, decentralization, and security of the Solana network. Solana is a high performance blockchain that can deliver a fast and friendly user experience, without sacrificing security. The Solana Foundation is working to realize a world where individuals own their data, use permissionless networks, and transfer information and value freely around the world. We are looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help the ecosystem build.

The Opportunity

Solana Foundation is seeking a highly driven full-stack engineer to join our ecosystem engineering team Full-Time. The ideal candidate is a highly organized, service-oriented and business-minded individual who is passionate about making a meaningful impact on efficiencies between Solana Foundation and our partners. Web development is an important part of the Solana ecosystem. At the foundation level we are facilitators. There will also be opportunities to provide support to ecosystem collaborators.

The core responsibility of the role is owning the web based platforms for Solana Foundation, which includes micro sites that display various functionalities.

This role has every opportunity to grow into owning the strategy for Solana Foundations efforts to accelerate the ecosystem. This can also include directly making tools, evangelizing product flows, or defining a budget and finding contributors to fill technical gaps. You will support and be supported by your teammates at Solana Foundation including ecosystem engineering, developer relations, network infrastructure and marketing to expedite the community-driven advances to the Solana protocol and network.

You will

  • Help Solana Foundation ship new web initiatives and products including web-related modules and SDKs (e.g., the WalletConnect adapter)
  • Enhance the speed, performance, and reliability of the existing web properties such as
  • Review the architecture and assure best practices with external contributors
  • Facilitate communication between the ecosystem and contributors to web tools
  • Create documentation and materials to address knowledge gaps and accelerate projects’ understanding and collaboration around the Solana ecosystem

You ideally have

  • A passion for crafting exceptional software, valuing performance and maintainable code
  • Strong experience with JavaScript/React//TypeScript/NodeJS + module packaging and distribution
  • Familiarity with advanced data structures, APIs, storage solutions, cloud infrastructure, and other relevant tools
  • Experience with a wide array of technical expertises and software development processes
  • Familiarity with Solana’s architecture and design principles, as well as its potential use cases and applications
  • Experience contributing to, and engaging with, open source software communities
  • Enjoyment in technical advocacy, facilitating new ideas and desire to contribute to a future where people build together
  • Strong communications skills both written and verbal