Flow is a layer one blockchain designed from the ground up as a platform for a new generation of Web 3 apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. Flow is home today to millions of users and apps from top tier creators including Genies, Cryptoys, Doodles, and Dapper Labs (NBA, NFL, Disney) as well as industry leaders such as Mattel (Barbie, Hot Wheels), LiveNation / Ticketmaster, and many more.

2024 will be Flow’s biggest year yet in terms of technical maturity and product readiness. That is why the Flow Foundation is hiring the first head of growth for Flow – maybe you!

Head of Growth / Chief Growth Officer is an executive leadership position with Flow Foundation – you will be empowered to bring all of Flow ecosystem’s resources together in making a massive impact this year and beyond. This includes a sizable token treasury, a vibrant community, and the resources necessary to bootstrap a world class ecosystem.

About the Role

“Killer Apps” for Web 3 have not been built yet – we believe they will be built on Flow. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to drive growth across the Flow ecosystem and bring as many awesome creators to Flow as possible in search of the killer app(s) that will onboard the next billion users to see the value of Web 3. Your scope will include:

  • Scale developer relations and community – globally: Flow core development teams build in public and are accessible to the community on Discord. Flow also has brilliant community leaders including developer fellowships as well as global ambassadors. You will be empowered to own and supercharge these initiatives with a focus on taking Flow’s message internationally.
  • Systematize BD and solutions engineering to super-serve large partners: Flow is home to top brands as well as market-defining startups. They often reach out to the Flow Foundation for support when making decisions on which blockchain to use. You will scale this process and also open it up, so that anything that benefits one builder can be leveraged into a case study, blog post, or tooling for others.
  • Marketing and communications: Flow has an incredible story to tell across technology as well as community initiatives – we’d love your help to amplify our reach and make sure our story can reach every relevant audience.
  • Ecosystem funding (grants, investments, incentives): The ideal candidate has demonstrated success translating $100m++ resources into developer engagement, especially via token incentive models, gaming, and/or DeFi.

This role will be pivotal in nurturing our global community, fostering an environment where developers and creators can thrive and innovate on Flow.

About you (Qualifications)

We don’t believe in a static list of requirements but will be looking for diverse candidates with demonstrated excellence across each of the above jobs to be done. Examples of additional experiences that will help achieve your mission include:

  • Leading international growth and expansion for a developer platform
  • Managing developer ecosystem funds and growth programs
  • Crafting and scaling community-driven go-to-markets especially in crypto
  • Familiarity with token economics, incentive models (e.g. airdrops, liquidity mining), blockchain governance (especially on-chain), and DeFi
  • Running tight ships that create an outsize impact
  • Web 3 / crypto / blockchain-native with an existing strategic network
  • Prior founder, CEO, or GM with experience owning P&L

About Flow.com

Flow is a remote-first team of seasoned technologists dedicated to our mission of mainstream Web 3 adoption. Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Flow’s team is now spread primarily across the US and Canada – with small presences in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Less than 6 months from now, Flow delivers Crescendo, its biggest technical upgrade since launching the network. Included in the Crescendo release is Cadence 1.0, a major upgrade of the Cadence programming language which enables fully immutable smart contracts on Flow; as well as full EVM equivalence, allowing Flow to host EVM-based smart contracts, platforms, tooling, and utilities natively and fully composable with the Cadence environments. With Crescendo, Flow will be as easy to deploy onto as any EVM-based Layer 2, while preserving the full capabilities of the rest of the protocol. Crescendo upgrade will catalyze a massive improvement in liquidity on Flow including on- and off-ramps as well as a native DeFi ecosystem that serves as a liquidity backbone for the entire network.