The Render Foundation is on the lookout for a Head of Technical Customer Success to spearhead our initiatives in enhancing the Render Network by closely collaborating with our vibrant community. This role is pivotal in harnessing the collective intelligence of our users, especially animators, to refine our digital products and integrate community-suggested features, making digital content creation more efficient and user-friendly.

About Us

The Render Foundation champions the Render Network, aiming to redefine digital creation through decentralized computing. By integrating community feedback directly into our development process, we strive to build a more inclusive, efficient, and innovative platform.

The Role

As a Head of Technical Customer Success, you will be the bridge between our users and the technical team, turning community feedback into actionable development goals. Your role involves identifying areas for improvement within our products, prioritizing feature implementations based on community input, and assisting the development process to incorporate these changes swiftly and effectively.

What We’re Looking For

A proactive leader with a knack for community engagement and a passion for product improvement. You should have experience in software development, project management, and a deep understanding of internet communities. Your ability to communicate effectively with both technical teams and community members will be crucial in this role.

Key Responsibilities

– Engage with the Render Network community to gather feedback and identify potential improvements for our products.

– Translate community ideas into actionable development tasks, ensuring these suggestions are understood and potentially integrated as new features or optimizations.

– Prioritize development goals based on community impact and technical feasibility, setting clear objectives for each sprint.

– Participate in meetings with both the Render Foundation team and community contributors, fostering a collaborative environment for open-source development

– Monitor and report on the progress of development projects, ensuring timely updates and feature releases that reflect the community’s needs.


– Strong background in software support, with hands-on experience in assisting many projects.

– Excellent communication skills, with the ability to engage with both technical teams and non-technical community members.

– Proven track record of managing community-driven projects, ideally within the open-source or blockchain space.

– Understanding of the digital content creation process, with a focus on animation and rendering technologies.

– Leadership qualities that inspire collaboration and innovation within a diverse team environment.

Preferred Qualifications

– Experience in the blockchain or decentralized technology space, with an understanding of how these technologies can enhance digital content creation.

– Familiarity with the Render Network’s technology stack and the specific challenges faced by digital creators and animators.

– A strong belief in the power of community feedback to drive product development and innovation.