NEAR Foundation is looking for a seasoned Project Manager, your mission is to effectively organize, communicate, update and deliver to completion a fully scoped project, while managing stakeholders and aggressive timelines for completion.

The type of projects you will be managing are mostly related to product launches, partners integration, marketing campaigns, communication campaigns, and events logistics/organization. You will be the primary point of contact for all Marketing related and deliverables with internal teams, partners and third party agencies.

Why Apply for this position? You are a key contributor to the Marketing and Community machinery that generates the energy to drive Ecosystem value. You would be essential to the execution of key metrics and driving team success. You will be presented with a clear canvas for you to organize your job in the way you would consider it most effective.

This is a full-time, remote position.

Key Requirements

In this role, your goal is to activate a number of marketing leads

  • Oversee multifaceted campaigns for our Ecosystem partners/stakeholders from RFP to launch.
  • Review new campaigns as they come in and develop an action plan in coordination with key stakeholders for all launch activities.
  • Once assets and launch materials are received, work with operations teams to successfully launch the campaign on time.
  • Obtain necessary go-live approvals and/or edits from all parties.
  • Track campaign status and success metrics daily in internal systems, including NEAR’s CRM and kanban boards.
  • Keep internal databases up to date with account information (including AirTable and Notion.)
  • Responsible for determining the asset requirements and ensuring that launch materials are complete. .


  • 3+ years of Project Management experience with an impeccable approach to planning and execution.
  • 3+ years of experience in startup environments working as an account manager or campaign specialist.
  • Experience managing multiple projects (campaigns) at a time.
  • Strong communication, coordination and organization skills.
  • A background in advertising, branding or marketing for finance and/or technology, preferably Web3 technology.
  • Been told you’re reliable and committed, collaborative, empathetic, entrepreneurial, flexible, and persuasive.
  • Accurate data entry skills, attention to detail, ability to anticipate problems and risks,  have a strong sense of problem-solving, and the ability to work independently yet collaborative in a hyper fast-paced environment.


  • You understand the complexities of project management.
  • You understand system thinking and workflow and apply the knowledge to build and execute your plan.
  • You are organized but not rigid, embrace agile methods and can quickly adapt to new circumstances.
  • You see the opportunity in adversity and thrive on pressure to deliver on time.
  • You stimulate participatory approach and collaboration to avoid silos.

What does success look like?

  • You would be familiarized with the NEAR ecosystem, understanding all its stakeholders and having developed internal and external relations.
  • You would have taken on the full management of multiple campaigns and logistics of major events.
  • You would have completed a database of partnerships and service agreements to manage through our CRM.
  • You would have identified a portfolio of potential projects to move forward and to support in the planning and execution of Ecosystem success campaigns.
  • You have become an expert and recognized for project management experience. You would have become the repository of best practices for internal team.
  • You would have developed a standard reporting and a project internal and external communication process.
  • You would be managing an important project portfolio because you have demonstrated you deliver in accordance to your plan.
  • You would have been recognized and commended for your organization, your ability to clearly communicate and for having delivered on all projects you started.

About NEAR and the NEAR Collective

NEAR’s mission is to enable community-driven innovation to benefit people around the world. The NEAR platform provides a decentralized application platform that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people, putting the power of Open Finance and the Open Web in their hands.

The NEAR platform, NEAR Protocol and associated tooling are being built by the NEAR Collective, a collection of the best engineers in the world who work across teams, companies and countries similar to other large scale open source projects. Core contributors include a couple of 2-time ICPC world champions, 2 gold medalists, a Latin American champion and multiple other competitive programming finalists.

Working at NEAR

Roles are posted to this portal on behalf of the companies that make up the NEAR Collective and are typically located anywhere in the world because most of the companies are fully remote. Some hubs are located in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, the US and China. Regardless of where you work, this is a high performance culture that values ownership, execution and professionalism but pairs it with curiosity and experimentation. The vision is big but the right team is behind it.