Metaplex is a permissionless on-chain protocol for buying, selling and auctioning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) natively on the Solana blockchain. Launched this summer with partners RAC, Street Dreams, and CryptoKickers, the protocol established early product-market-fit, and is well-capitalized. Metaplex dramatically lowers minting and transaction fees and is a platform for independent NFT Storefronts. Along with the on-chain protocol, an open-source application framework can be fully customized, self-hosted and extended without passing through a centralized authority. Metaplex empowers creators and brands to build a direct relationship with their audiences.

As the Partnerships and Business Development lead for Metaplex, you will be responsible for helping creators build direct relationships with their audiences through Metaplex Storefronts. You will source diverse partners across the arts, gaming, entertainment, athletics, and more who are interested in launching NFT Storefronts. You will analyze opportunities, translate trends across leads into actionable product strategy, negotiate partnership deals, distribute grants, create compelling narrative materials, and steward partnership relationships towards success. You will work closely with product, marketing, legal, and engineering to ensure that Metaplex is building the best NFT experience in the web3 world.

In this role you will…

  • Drive overall partnerships vision and strategy, reporting to and working closely with the Directors of the Metaplex Foundation
  • Own relationships with existing and potential partners
  • Generate a pipeline of proactive prospects and inbound leads, with a focus on building partnerships reflective of the diversity of the creator ecosystem
  • Distribute grants to strategically aligned, action-oriented partners
  • Contribute to pitch materials and deliver pitches externally
  • Coordinate internal efforts to connect product, engineering, and marketing with partners at the right points in the relationship
  • Synthesize feedback across partners that can help the product team create better self-serve experiences for all users
  • Negotiate bespoke arrangements for high value partners
  • Monitor the NFT landscape and identify new opportunities for creators
  • Collect metrics on the performance of partnerships and Storefronts

Ideal Candidate Background/Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in partnerships or business development
  • 1+ year of experience in a software company
  • Ability to simply and clearly communicate complicated/technical topics
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience managing multiple concurrent cross-functional projects
  • Interest in gaming, music, visual art, entertainment, and internet trends
  • Proactive and solution-oriented
  • Open to collaboration and receptive to constructive feedback
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Ability to set priorities, problem-solve, multi-task, hit deadlines, and work independently in a dynamic, rapidly changing workplace
  • Excellent organizational, project management and people skills

Nice to Have

While experience in blockchain technology is preferred, it is not a requirement. We are a technology company at heart, and we are looking for someone who is invested in learning rapidly and embracing the quickly-changing nature of the space. More importantly, we are looking for someone who shares Metaplex’s vision for a creator-empowered economy.