O(1) Labs is aiming to develop the first cryptocurrency protocol that can deliver on the promise of supporting real-world applications and widespread use. Our team is based in San Francisco, and we are funded by top investors (including Polychain, Metastable, Max Levchin, and Naval Ravikant).

We’re bringing Coda Protocol to market, a cryptocurrency that compresses the blockchain from hundreds of gigabytes down to the size of a few tweets. It can scale to thousands of transactions per second and millions of users while remaining decentralized enough for cellphones to be fully verifying nodes.

We’re working on technologies with the potential to reimagine social structures.

We believe it’s important to incorporate diverse perspectives from conception through realization.

This is a chance to join a small, collaborative team and have a ton of independence while working on fascinating cross-disciplinary problems that span cryptography, engineering, product design, economics, and sociology. We also offer competitive compensation both in salary and equity as well as top-of-the-market benefits.

We’re seeking a product manager who can navigate the interdisciplinary tradeoffs that come with deploying a new economic system and bring them together in creating beautiful products.

Product managers will:

  • Work on fun and exciting projects
  • Lead the conceptual development of new initiatives
  • Lead the design of Coda’s developer experience, including the implementation of a payments API, and work with engineers to realize that vision
  • Cultivate and nurture a beautiful, unifying aesthetic across products
  • Identify and partner with external developers to generate new features, prioritize them, and refine our product vision
  • Develop fun-to-use applications that showcase Coda’s unique capabilities and inspire a global audience of developers to build on top of our platform

Ideal candidates will be interested in any of:

  • Creating beautiful products
  • Design
  • API design
  • Developer relations
  • Growth strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Market structure
  • Cryptocurrency

We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive company. People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.