At cLabs, the team working on the open source platform Celo, our mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all.

Celo aims to remove the barriers for large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as means-of-payment. Using a novel address-based encryption algorithm, the Celo protocol makes sending money as easy as sending a text. Additionally, Celo uses stable-value tokens pegged to fiat currencies, like the US Dollar, to minimize volatility. Celo is an open protocol enabling many to participate in the system, even with a budget Android smartphone. The first application launching on the Celo platform, Valora, is a social payments and money transfer app, aimed at developing markets.

As the Security Process Lead at cLabs you will be responsible for designing and implementing secure business processes including the bank and exchanges flow of funds, security and CI/CD authorization flows.

You Will:

  • Design the process for securing the flow of funds from banks and exchanges
  • Interact with the bug bounty program for process flow findings
  • Design and Implement best security practices for the CI/CD environment

You Have:

  • Passion for Celo’s mission of prosperity for all
  • 7+ Business Operations Security
  • 5+ Cloud Infrastructure Implementation
  • Programming skills (Node/Python)

cLabs (“Celo Labs”) started Celo in 2018 and is one of many contributors to the open source project Celo. cLabs builds financial technology to enable prosperity of all beings.