Polychain Labs is a small, senior and general purpose team of engineers responsible for early digital asset network participation, securing a large amount of these assets and contributing open source infrastructure that helps scale these networks.  As an engineer on this team, you will be responsible for:

  • Leading our participation in upcoming network launches from concept to production.
  • Inventing technical, social, and industry solutions to whatever challenges arise along the way.
  • Designing and launching systems that secure millions of dollars of cryptocurrency from motivated attackers and novel network edge cases.
  • Collaborating closely with other senior engineers to ensure we’re never single point failures.
  • Prioritizing uninterrupted time for creative experiments to inspire what’s next for our team and industry.


  • 5+ years experience engineering and operating 24/7 public-facing infrastructure
  • Deep understanding of Google and Amazon cloud providers with experience codifying, automating and scaling services
  • Comfortable managing a small number of bare-metal services attached to hardware security modules
  • Experience designing cryptographic and procedural security protections, risk modeling and intrusion detection
  • Hands-on understanding of cryptocurrency infrastructure and proof-of-stake economics
  • Has designed, implemented and worked with various hot and cold key storage systems

Why Polychain Labs:

  • Opportunity to impact the entire blockchain ecosystem from a macro-level
  • Collaboration alongside blockchain’s brightest researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and financial experts
  • Access the resources to bring your ideas to fruition
  • Start-up feel with industry-wide impact and autonomy
  • Offer a competitive salary, flexibility, and trust