At Chainlink Labs, the Market Data, Data Platform, and Real-time Streaming Platform teams excel in delivering critical data insights, foundational datasets, and real-time data services, empowering the organization with advanced tools for operational and strategic excellence

Market Data Team: The Market Data team at Chainlink is at the forefront of developing standardized platforms and tools that drive insights into data providers, financial assets, and market conditions. Specializing in creating and maintaining high-quality datasets and analytical tools, this team provides critical insights into financial markets and data providers.

Data Platform: Drives innovation in data handling by providing cutting-edge tools and foundational blockchain datasets essential for organizational success. Their expertise in deploying scalable solutions and streamlining data workflows positions Chainlink Labs at the forefront of data-driven decision-making.

The Real-time Streaming Platform: Dedicated to providing seamless access to real-time data streams and APIs, empowering engineering teams with the tools necessary for integration, monitoring, and analysis of the Chainlink ecosystem. This team is pivotal in developing a robust internal platform that not only ensures data timeliness and quality but also expands to include diverse blockchain and off-chain data sources, enhancing the scalability and security of real-time data services for Chainlink’s innovative projects.


  • At least 5+ years of professional engineering experience working in a collaborative product-driven environment
  • Professional experience working on a cloud based big data system (AWS, GCP)
  • Professional experience with SQL and Python is a must
  • Deep understanding and experience with real-time streaming, more specifically Kafka
  • Successful experience designing, building and scaling a production service
  • Experience owning multi month long projects, including communication of progress, dependencies, and risk mitigation directly with stakeholders and partners

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience or strong interest  in blockchain and other Web 3.0 technologies
  • Experience with OLAP technologies, such as, Presto/Trino, Spark, Hadoop, Athena, or BigQuery is a plus
  • Experience in Golang or any other strongly-typed programming language
  • Experience mentoring and supporting fellow engineers

Our Selection Process 

We operate a role agnostic hiring process for our core engineering teams.  We’ll assess your skills and strengths against our engineering standards and align you to the right team as you move through the process. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with engineers and leadership across our core teams.

If you have a strong preference for a particular team at the outset, please do let us know.