The DAI Credit System is a smart contract platform on Ethereum that backs and stabilizes the value of the Dai stablecoin through a dynamic system of Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs), autonomous feedback mechanisms, and appropriately incentivized external actors. It is a decentralized infrastructure without a central operator. It is one of the oldest Ethereum projects built by a very experienced technical team of blockchain developers.

The Maker Foundation is tasked with bootstrapping the system to ensure that it can survive as a fully decentralized organization. The Maker Foundation employs people to develop the strategies and manage the tasks required to build enough momentum so that the DAI Credit System can successfully thrive on its own. Per the Foundation Proposal, decentralization is a top priority and is ongoing.

Our purpose is to deliver financial inclusion to create a positive social and environmental impact – for everyone. To support this, our aim is that Dai is used in all traditional and blockchain based payments and financial transactions – by everyone.

This is where you come in.

The Role

Working remotely, or in one of our hubs across Europe or America, we are looking for a talented Javascript Product Engineer.ย You will be responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining code across our web apps and libraries. You will become a valued member of a cross functional team within the Maker family.

About you

  • Youโ€™re passionate about Blockchain and continually keep at the forefront of cryptocurrency
  • Youโ€™re a collaborator at heart, that loves to share knowledge with others
  • You care about building high quality code, at scale
  • You crave the opportunity to work alongside the best Ethereum Developers in this space
  • You enjoy being a part of a feedback culture with shared code ownership and really wants to make a difference worldwide

What youโ€™ll need

  • The ability to work hands on as a software engineer in an agile environment with the modern tech stack (Javascript/Node.JS)
  • Excellent knowledge of React.js, Redux and design patterns, with the ability to implement responsive and mobile design using UI frameworks

The very nice to haves

  • A deep understanding of Blockchain or cryptocurrency using Ethereum tools
  • Knowledge of the DAI stablecoin system

If this sounds like this could be the role for you, we would love to hear from you! Please click on the link to apply now.