Axie Infinity: Homeland is one of the flagship games in the Axie Infinity franchise. It is a game that will span multiple genres including simulation, RPG, strategy, and more. In addition, it is the gathering place for the Axie Infinity community where they will be able to socialize, play, and build in a metaverse experience. It is currently released in Alpha and will continue to evolve over the years. In its current Alpha state, it is primarily a building simulation game where players gather resources, build structures, process materials, craft items, sell items to Adventurers to go battle, and trade with other players in the Auction House. It can only be played by people who own the Axie Infinity Land Plot digital collectibles right now, but in the future, it will open up to players who may not necessarily own Land.


To date, blockchain technology has been boring and mainly focused on trading. Axie is here to change that with fun, dynamic gameplay that allows players to improve and trade assets that they have complete and total ownership over. Axie is also more than a game— it’s a gaming platform with infinite possibilities and potential spinoff mini-games so you’ll have a lot of freedom to start new initiatives and make them your own.

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Game Designer to specifically work on our Land gameplay, the alpha version is live now here for players who own Land plots: Homeland. You can learn more about the project in this presentation made back in Sep 2022 as well: AxieCon Land Presentation. The possibilities and creativitites that can go into this ambitious project is truly infinite.

Being a Game Designer at Sky Mavis, you are expected to:

  • Help define and drive alignment on the vision and direction for the game design
  • Lead design and development of game narratives, mechanics, progression systems, rewards, monetization models, and any other game design-related components
  • Collaborate closely with other departments (art, UX, engineering, product, QA etc.) to ship new game features and ensure they meet a high standard of quality
  • Tune and balance the gameplay and economy to maximize sustainable fun and rewards for players
  • Introduce best practices around game design to the team and mentor other game designers
  • Incorporate quantitative and qualitative data from players to inform game designs


  • Experience playing, designing, balancing, and managing economies for 4X / RTS (e.g. Game of War, Rise of Kingdoms, Clash of Clans) and Social Simulation games (e.g. Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley)
  • Excited about building innovative and novel game mechanics that leverage the power of immutable digital assets on the blockchain
  • Highly proficient in System Design, Game balance, In-game Economy or Monetization
  • 5+ years of experience designing, balancing, and tuning complex games with a significant number of daily active users.
  • Experience using data to inform decisions, model game systems, and predict outcomes
  • A strong sense of what makes a gameplay experience compelling and fun, as well as the ability to articulate well why a game design decision is good or bad
  • Strong written and oral communication skills to ensure alignment around game designs across cross-functional teams
  • Team player and can work closely with the rest of our team to ship and test features
  • Experience or interest in tokenomics and blockchain game design
  • Good project management and time management skills, with a proven ability to focus on top priorities, solve problems, juggle multiple tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
  • Genuine interest and passion for games
  • Capable of working with little to no direct supervision. Self-motivated and actively took initiative

Open to remote applicants; preferable that they can relocate to or visit the Vietnam headquarters regularly


Front row seat to one of the most exciting blockchain projects that is making a positive impact and changing people’s lives globallyA fast-paced, active, and fun working environment where everything revolves around games and cute beings

A competitive salary package that fits your skills, experiences, and contributions

Freedom, autonomy & ownership around your work

Contribute to making revolutionary games

Acquire new and unique skills as we usher in a new era of digital ownership

Give yourself and your family the security you deserve