We’re looking for an experienced marketer who’s excited about our mission to enable blockchain-powered commerce.

Our flagship products are Dshop and OUSD. Dshop aims to build a powerful decentralized e-commerce platform to rival Shopify. OUSD is designed to be an upgrade to Tether (USDT). It is the first stablecoin that earns competitive Decentralized Finance (DeFi) yields passively in your wallet.


Our ideal candidate would be an experienced marketing leader with an engineering background and/or analytical mindset. We want someone who is obsessed with growth and has the experience to know how to design marketing experiments and measure success.

You should be a creative and tenacious problem solver who sweats the details. You should have a broad range of skills including:

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Analytics and conversion funnels
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Retargeting, custom audiences and hyper-targeting
  • Public relations, brand awareness, and community outreach programs
  • Execute on both paid and unpaid marketing campaigns, AB tests, and programs from conception to launch
  • You should know how to use software to increase your effectiveness as a marketer, whether that’s building custom landing pages or programmatically generating ad campaigns
  • Bonus points for experience with video campaigns/branding


  • 4+ years in consumer marketing, with a strong emphasis in performance and engagement marketing
  • Engineering or analytical background preferred, but not required
  • Experience with both paid and unpaid marketing
  • Provide leadership and oversight for a new and fast growing marketing team
  • Strong written skills are mandatory

How to apply

Apply below and be sure to tell us:

  • Why you are a good fit for this job
  • Links to your LinkedIn, your public social media profiles, or website
  • Examples of your previous work

Compensation and benefits

You will be paid a competitive salary, stock options in the company and a cryptocurrency grant of Origin Tokens (OGN). We offer health, dental, and vision insurance.