Who We Are:

Ethena Labs is building the first crypto-based reward-accruing synthetic dollar protocol. Arthur Hayes is a founding advisor and the team has deep experience across traditional finance and crypto engineering from firms such as Cerberus, Wintermute, Flow Traders, Deribit, Paradigm, Aave, Blockdaemon and Kaiko. We are backed by every major exchange and trading entities in the space.

What we are Doing:

We are building derivative infrastructure to enable Ethereum to transform into the Internet Bond via delta-neutral derivatives positions, to create the first crypto-native, rewards bearing savings asset: sUSDe.

We believe creating a synthetic dollar which is not reliant on existing banking infrastructure is the single most important problem to solve and largest opportunity in crypto today.

USDe will form the first part of a broader ecosystem of products we are building including fixed and floating rate internet bonds and composable repo leveraged markets.

Join us!!

The ideal candidate would be in one of the following time zones: EST, GMT, CET, EEST

The Team:

We are a small team of 16, 8 of which are engineers.  Collectively our DNA, so far, is a strong mix of high performing Web3 and Tradfi experience including, Wintermute, Paradigm, Capital One, Flowtraders, Bebop, CMC, Kaiko and more. The team is geographically distributed but connects daily and everyone has distinct responsibilities.  We take engineer onboarding seriously and will provide all the support you need to get up and running. We are collaborative, lean and thrive on the mission to bring such a disruptive product to market as USDe, the Internet Bond and the further supporting elements of this new ecosystem.

Who We are Looking For:

  • An Engineer who is passionate about building products/applications within Defi.
  • Individual who is excited by the opportunity to join a founding core team and drive a product from zero to one.
  • At least 2 years of experience in developing front-ends for decentralized applications and can provide examples of prior work.
  • An individual who is curious and always looking to learn new concepts on the overlap between frontier technology and financial concepts.


  • You will work on our React Web3 application, which enables users to mint and stake USDe, as well as our off-chain backend python infrastructure which listens for events, manages custody positions, routes orders, etc.
  • Working directly with custody and exchange providers to build information on the ongoing solvency and equity positions of internal accounts.
  • Creative license to push the boundaries of Defi design.
  • Collaborate with the team and cross-functional partners on all aspects of product development including smart contract back-end engineers and mentor team members to refine their technical and architectural skills


  • Strong knowledge of full-stack, modern Javascript: React and Typescript
  • Strong Python skills
  • Strong knowledge and demonstrated experience working with GraphQL
  • Experience with our frameworks – NextJS and TailwindCSS.
  • A strong design sense including attention to detail matching a design in frontend implementation as well as good design judgment and ability to operate without a fully fleshed out design
  • Expert knowledge of Web3 libraries and tools like, Viem, Wagmi, The Graph
  • Understanding of concepts like caching, edge functions, RPC providers that are critical to performant frontend development in Web3.
  • Fluent English, both written and spoken

Our Engineering Stack:

  • Frontend: React, NextJS, Wagmi, Viem, TailwindCSS
  • Backend: Python, AWS, GraphQL, Vercel

$125,000 – $175,000 a year

If you subscribe to the mission of separating the dollar from the state, then we want to hear from you!

We look forward to receiving your application and will be in touch after having a chance to review.