At first, the story might be incredible for our investors, but we always keep our position of fun with a taste of seriousness in what we are constantly building. The name of the project may be unusual, but the results are amazing.

Kebab Finance is one of the leaders in the Yield Finance market, in the world of Cryptocurrncy & Blockchain.

The work we have accomplished so far is without a doubt the daily increase of our token holder’s and the absolute confidence and invaluable support they have shown to the project.

One of the great challenges has been to show our community that we have an economic prosperity agenda so that they will trust us with their investment. We always believe that clarity is paramount when andling large transactions through our platform https://kebabfinance.com/

Our goal now is to accelerate the development of Kebab Finance.

Now, Kebab Finance needs to boost its team with a Social Media Manager!

Our future Social Media Manager will have to :

  • Participate and monitor all accounts and many social channels – Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, …
  • Conception and execution of the community engagement strategy with content and marketing managers. You will set up campaigns (subject matter + visuals), and their schedules.
  • Actively respond to all questions and comments on key platforms in order to increase active conversations within our channels. You will become the reference person behind the social media platforms.
  • Working closely with our media/social network team, you will coordinate and proactively plan new content (blog posts, videos, IYA, contests, etc.) on a regular base.
  • You will consolidate and provide regular comments to our community. You will provide information to community ambassadors and encourage them to increase the reach of the content.


  • Action-oriented and can manage many workflows at once, but you also know when the stakes are high and you need to focus when necessary on quality rather than quantity.
  • In-depth knowledge of social media channel management and the platforms / tools needed to do it efficiently and on a large scale.
  • Experience in planning, conception, creating and operating a large community engagement user base.

Advantages :

  • 100% Remote work and flexible hours
  • Team of passionate specialists

Payments for work :

  • The amount is to be fixed that the experience and qualification of the candidates.
  • On the 1st day of each month you will receive your payment.
  • The payment will be made in your cryptocurrency of your choice.

Bonus points:

  • Familiar with the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry.
  • You know how to get high performance from your team members.
  • Have worked in a marketing agency or a large technology company or have more than 2 years experience in the cryptocurrency industry.