What we are building now:

  • React Native app for iPhone and Android
  • Python (Flask) back end
  • Associated web front end for admins and traders

What we have built already:

  • The initial Reserve stablecoin, RSV, a set of Ethereum smart contracts
  • A web3 issuance and redemption portal for RSV
  • An earlier version of the React Native app, for Android

Some things we expect to build:

  • An ongoing series of additional features for the app and web platform
  • A desktop front end for the platform, for use by traders
  • The fully featured Reserve stablecoin, another set of Ethereum smart contracts


What we are seeking in our next engineering team member:

  • Competence
  • Focus
  • Communication

In your application please link to some code that you wrote that reflects your abilities (e.g. github).


Our comp packages:

  • We have a long cash runway, and we intend to keep it that way
  • We pay below-market cash salaries
  • We offer larger total comp packages than most companies – but the comp is weighted towards locked RSR tokens, so is partially illiquid